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startups2students 2009

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University of Colorado - Startups2Students 2009

March 12, 2009, 5:30-7:30p at CSEL in the Enginering Center at CU Boulder.


startups2students 2009 photos



Here's the agenda for March 12, 2009.


5:30 PM - Welcome and introduction

5:35 PM - Stories and Perspective: Very brief stories of these young founders and their entrepreneurial life path

     - Casey Schorr (24) of Printfection

     - Krista Paul (30) from TravelFli

     - Jeff Powers (26) from Occipital

     - Josh Fraser (24) from EventVue

     - Nate Abbott (25) and Natty Zola (26) from Everlater

6:00 - Brief welcomes from participating companies.

     Note: The students have asked that we have no HR people present, so we have invited only founders/CEOs of these companies to represent them.

     - Jud Valeski (Founder, CTO) of Gnip

          - Gnip has a variety of projects from data collection/analytics projects (SQL, grep, sed, awk, shell scripting), to technical documentation writing and convenience library updating/writing (Java, PHP, perl, .Net, ruby).

     - Josh Fraser (Founder, Co-CEO) of EventVue

          - EventVue is seeking PHP and JavaScript developers for a summer internship.

     - Dan King (Founder, CEO) of ReadyTalk

          - ReadyTalk is seeking Java, C, and C++ programmers, but anyone with a passion for coding who wants to learn these languages is OK too.

     - Casey Schorr (Founder, CEO) of Printfection

          - Printfection is seeking PHP developers.

     - David Cohen (Founder, CEO ) of TechStars

          - TechStars is seeking PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript/CSS developers to work with their portfolio companies this summer as interns.

     - Kellie Peterson of Name.com

          - Name.com is seeking PHP developers and UI wizards.

     - Kent Dickson and Scott Musson (Sr Dir of Software) from Tendril Networks.

          - Tendril is seeking Java, Flex, Spring, Hibernate.  Also Embedded C.

     - Natty Zola (Founder, Co-CEO) from Everlater.

           - Seeking intern(s) for the summer with Ruby on Rails and Javascript/CSS skills (passion for travel a plus!).

     - Kevin Cawley (Founder, CTO) from SocialEyes.

          - Looking to hire a ruby on rails intern (who enjoys developing user facing wares) and a java guru (who likes algorithms and staying away from UI) for the summer

     - Scott McDaniel (Founder, CEO) from SurveyGizmo.

          - Looking for PHP developers, other interests would be Zend Framework,  data/sql geeks, Flex/Flash, or UI folks.

     - Chris Browne of Rally Software Development.

          - Looking for Java Web Applications Developers and Java Web Applications Interns for summer and beyond ( Java, JavaScript. AJAX, Servlet 2.0 Web-App development ).

     - Jason Eckenroth (Founder, CEO) of Six88.

          -  ShipCompliant is seeking junior web developers [ASP.NET, javascript, css, html, css].  We have full time and summer internship positions.

     - Kevin Callahan (Founder, Head of Product Development) of MapMyFitness.

          - Looking for php/javascript/flash help during the summer, as well as creative/design work.

6:30 - 7:30

     Informal networking for possible job opportunities (summer internships, part time, full time, etc).

7:30 - END


After the event, each participating company has agreed to set "drop in hours" for CU students who want to come hang out at their company, learn more, work with their software developers, etc. Again, these times are very informal. Students who'd like to attend should simply email the contact listed for each company below.


Post event "Drop in Hours"

EverLater - March 13 - 1pm - 5pm - contact natty@everlater.com to RSVP.

Gnip - March 16 - 11am - noon - contact Jud@Gnip.com to RSVP.

ReadyTalk - March 17 - 3pm to 5pm - contact nicole.jones@readytalk.com to RSVP.

Gnip - March 18 - 130pm - 230pm - contact Jud@Gnip.com to RSVP.

Tendril Networks - March 18 - 300pm - 500pm - contact kdickson@tendrilinc.com to RSVP.

Name.com - March 18 and 19 - contact kellie@name.com to RSVP.

Printfection - Email  techjobs@printfection.com to setup a time.

Rally - March 17 100p-300p, RSVP mzarlingo@rallydev.com.

SocialEyes - March 17 200p-500p, RSVP kevin@socialeyes.com

Six88 -  March 19 ā€“ 100pā€“500p ā€“ contact pawel@shipcompliant.com to RSVP

SurveyGizmo - March 18 - 4:00pm - 600pm - Chat with SurveyGizmo on their "happy hour" deck. scott@sgizmo.com to RSVP

MapMyFitness - March 20 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm - RSVP kevin@mapmyfitness.com (Note: Denver but we're at Market St Station on 16th)

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